Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Top Fav Designers

Most people who are into fashion tend to have a favorite designer. By saying this, I  DO NOT mean you must have one  in order to love fashion. Your individual style usually is inspired by someone or something.  When I was around thirteen, my mom got me a subscription to the Seventeen and Allure magazines  That's when I fell in love with this thing call Fashion. Looking through and noticing the different styles and how to put outfits together got me thinking......I can do that. Over time I developed a style ,which is classic, modern, and chic.  This post is just to give you an idea of what style you may be just by the designer you love.  MY TOP Designers (American) are Donna Karan, Calvin Kein. Michael Kors,  Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren. That's the modern and classic side of my style.  Donna  and Calvin became my go tos back in college. Their Ready to Wear collections are  clean, streamlined and classic. Just dreamy!! My International Designers are Louis Vuitton, Gucci,YSL,Stella McCartney and CHANEL. Of course!!  Sounds like a label horse huh? These designers are well known for their quality and  luxury items. You only want the best right? Well, I love them all! TOM FORD is my absolutely fav because he knows exactly how to dress a woman. Everything in his line is soo effortless chic and I just adore him. The accessories are classic but with a twist. LOOVVEEE IT!  Okay now that I shared my favorite designers...what are yours? If you do not have any, are you influenced by someone else or something? It could be from the 1950s era or paintings from your  favorite artist.  Comment below :)  BTW: The next posts are videos of my favorite designers....Check them out!!!

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