Saturday, August 27, 2011


 There's nothing like a lazy movie day...all day! Ordering in or whipping up some of your favorite snacks. I REALLY enjoy days like this! This summer I had a little time off, so I decided to get in the groove and watch some movies.  Most of my weekends I make it a must to watch at least one movie, although I don't watch a lot of TV :-(! Growing up, my family were always big movie buffs. I guess that is where I get it from.  My younger sister is one of the biggest ones ever..she should become a critic. LOL! These are a few of my favorite movies I saw once,twice or maybe thirty times because again..I LOVE MOVIES!!!  Hope you guys like the selection ;-)!

One of my favorites..of all times! It is a classic and you can always related to at least one of the characters. 
This movie will make you laugh, cry and smile all in one.  Of course, Sam was my fav character :).

For a little action, I chose this one.  A few years back, a friend of mines put me on to this. Since then I have been hooked.  All of the movies in this series are part of my collection because they are sooo good. You don't know where he is going to be and what is going to happen next. Great Movie overall!!

Jennifer Lopez is such a wonderful fashionista soo of course I love her. The movie above displays a comedy with such a great love story. She plays a woman who is like most independent women out in the world who believes they have little time for love.

Last but not least TWILIGHT!!!! Should I say more ???? This is the movie that I have probably have seen at least fifteen times..along with the others. I am sooo ready to see the latest one!!! My niece introduces me to it. At first. I was so not into this. I keep pushing it off that "It is the typical vampire movie that I've seen a million times". One day I just decided to watch it and ......I was IN LOVE!!  Now, I know why it is soo HUGE all over the world.   

You should check this movies out if you haven't all ready. Like I said, I am a big movie buff  who likes all types of movies.. ACTION DRAMA COMEDY THRILLER SUSPENSE and of course ADVENTURE!!

Comment below and tell me some of the movies you have seen this summer:-)!

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