Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall Trends 2011

Fall is quickly approaching...are you ready? I sure am!! This season is my favorite part of the year.  Since November is my birth month, it's only right to love the fall! :-)!  Colors of  the trees changing, cooler weather and the start of the holiday seasons just gets my energy sooo high! Layering is one of my favorite  fall things to do : fashion wise! Okay...on with season's must haves! This season expect to see some the summers' trends reoccurring such as clock blocking but in more muted tone colors. High-waisted Flare pants and button down oversize shirts also make a comeback.  This has to be one of my fav trends. Bowed Ballerina flats, high heeled loafers, suede and sparkling heels are just some of the accessories. The Below Knee skirt is going to be a big hit while and hoop earrings are the season go tos. What are your favorites and what do you think you will be rocking out next season?

Here you will see some of the other trends for the upcoming fall. ENJOY!!!

Leather is the season's must have! Alright guys, get out your leather pants and skirts you have hiding in the back of your closet :-)!

Structured Handbags

Peeptoe Booties

Autumn Tone Jeans + Jackets

Statement Jewelry makes a reappearance for the fall season. It is also a classic piece in every woman's wardobe.

Last but definitely not least, makeup, turquoise eyes will be a beauty trend this fall. If you are not into color, you can  do a neutral eye with neutral lips OR bold lips like a fire engine red will be just fine.

Hope this list gives you some ideas on adding a few pieces to your fall wardobe. Thanks for reading!! Please share your thoughts and comment below!! 

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