Wednesday, August 31, 2011


  Life is so unpredictable and as you age, you change. It is a journey. You will go through many obstacles finding out who you are and where you are going. 

The quotes below are just remainders that sometime in our lives, we all will encounter an act of civil service. Not only will there be blessings in return but it is an act that is incredible and unselfish. Also, it will feel all kinds of good inside.

"As you grow older,you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others." -Audrey Hepburn

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for pose, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."  -Audrey Hepburn

BTW: She is my favorite Fashion Icon. I will be doing a tribute to her soon :)

Comment below and tell me what does helping others mean to you. Do you have a favorite quote? Let me know!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I thought to myself "Hey, I love photos"!! "Wouldn't  it be great to add them to my blog as like a series or something"?? Then, I thought, "But when"? Later on, I realized that I could post one everyday if need be.  LOL! BECAUSE........I LOOOVVVEEEEE pictures!!!! Ok, the final decision came down to once a month. It had seemed reasonable so here...Here it is :-))))!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Daddy's Little....PASTRY Girls!

When you hear the word Simmons, what do you think of? Some associated it with hip hop, rock,wealth and mogul. These young woman below are not to short of it themselves. Vanessa and Angela Simmons have been in the limelight since the airing of their family show Run's House. Now they are young moguls making a name for themselves. Check out these fashionistas below:

Here they are at the MAGIC Clothing Industry Convention! showcasing the Pastry Line!

Rachel ZOE!!

OMG! IDK! Did you know Rachel Zoe had a clothing line out? Well it's been out for a while and I just love me some Rachel! I have been a fan since she started styling the stars followed by her television show and now clothing line! I love vintage pieces and if anyone knows about it, that person would be her. She wears vintage for an everyday look or an accessory piece to spice up an outfit. She has extremely great taste in style. I would totally DIE for it! :) Check out her latest fashion from her fall collection!!

Comment below and tell me what you think of her fall collection....until then!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More wishes TO COME TRUE......

Coach Madison Embossed Python Bag

Ernesto Esposito Leather Heels

This fall there are sooo many things I want... cause it is my favorite season. Yay!!! Fall is coming..fall is coming! It  just seems like there is a better selection in accessories during  the cooler seasons. I love to shop for little things here and there but mainly focus on investment pieces. Hopefully, I can add these items in my collection and be happy as a lamb :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


 There's nothing like a lazy movie day...all day! Ordering in or whipping up some of your favorite snacks. I REALLY enjoy days like this! This summer I had a little time off, so I decided to get in the groove and watch some movies.  Most of my weekends I make it a must to watch at least one movie, although I don't watch a lot of TV :-(! Growing up, my family were always big movie buffs. I guess that is where I get it from.  My younger sister is one of the biggest ones ever..she should become a critic. LOL! These are a few of my favorite movies I saw once,twice or maybe thirty times because again..I LOVE MOVIES!!!  Hope you guys like the selection ;-)!

One of my favorites..of all times! It is a classic and you can always related to at least one of the characters. 
This movie will make you laugh, cry and smile all in one.  Of course, Sam was my fav character :).

For a little action, I chose this one.  A few years back, a friend of mines put me on to this. Since then I have been hooked.  All of the movies in this series are part of my collection because they are sooo good. You don't know where he is going to be and what is going to happen next. Great Movie overall!!

Jennifer Lopez is such a wonderful fashionista soo of course I love her. The movie above displays a comedy with such a great love story. She plays a woman who is like most independent women out in the world who believes they have little time for love.

Last but not least TWILIGHT!!!! Should I say more ???? This is the movie that I have probably have seen at least fifteen times..along with the others. I am sooo ready to see the latest one!!! My niece introduces me to it. At first. I was so not into this. I keep pushing it off that "It is the typical vampire movie that I've seen a million times". One day I just decided to watch it and ......I was IN LOVE!!  Now, I know why it is soo HUGE all over the world.   

You should check this movies out if you haven't all ready. Like I said, I am a big movie buff  who likes all types of movies.. ACTION DRAMA COMEDY THRILLER SUSPENSE and of course ADVENTURE!!

Comment below and tell me some of the movies you have seen this summer:-)!

Summer Beauty Favorites

 Summer is finally over!!!  Are you excited? Do you wish it could stay?

It is during these hot days and nights where we want to wear very little clothes and products on our bodies. We treat ourselves to some of our fav treats, trinkets, and places to go.

Here are some of my favorite beauties over the summer. These products are what I have been CRAZY in LOVE with them. They are low to mid price products. I am a type of girl who owns everything and anything under the sun from low to high end prices. Nothing is too good or bad to me unless I try it first. That is why it is called experimenting and experiencing. If you try it you just might like it :-)

I love to wear breathable and light products on my canvas(face). I love the natural look on  me during this time because who wants melting makeup coming down their face :(.

These products are old and new in my collection. I try them all and made a routine on using them in rotation. We sometimes find ourselves wearing the same things over a period of time...well, that's exactly what happened here. :-)! Ok! Ok! On with the favs....


The colors of the spring/summer were pastels and orange(which became very popular)!!
All of these polishes are retail for $8 at your local CVS, Walgreens or Target
ESSIE: left to right
Tart Deco - coral (Limited Edition)
Lilacism- soft purple
Braziliant- orange (Limited Edition)


My Mac lipsticks....some old and some new!! Retail at $14.50 each

Here are swatches of the lipsticks:
Show Orchid- Mid tone Fuchsia (Mac pro)
Hibiscus- Deep Coral (Surf Baby collection)
Shy Girl- Peachy Nude (Permanent)

My lipgloss for an easy but everyday/everywhere look!
MAC Strange Potion- (Surf Baby Collection) originally from the Venomous Villains collection
NYX Natural -(My fav of all)
Revlon- Coral Reef

 The swatches are from left to right:
 MAC Strange Potion $14.50
 NYX Natural $4.99
Revlon Coral Reef $5.99-$8.99 (depending on retailer)


For a natural eye this is all I use. Some concealer, eyeshadow and liner. My mascara is all Maybelline Full n Soft during the summer. It gives me the most natural look without any clumping.

Top to Bottom:
Mac Select Moisture Cover- $19.50
NYX Eyeshadow in Flamingo- $4.99
Relvon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen in Black- $7.99

Hope you all enjoy my summer favorites and will comment below if you have any favs or maybe own any of these products. Tell me all about it!!! Comment below :-)!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hip Hop & R&Bs Angel......Aaliyah

It has been 10 years that she had gone from this world and how I miss her so much. She has been an inspiration to me and many more. I wanted to take some time to dedicate this post to a wonderful, beautiful, and talented triple threat!!!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


For about the last few years, I've been a MAC customer.  I fell in love with the basics: lipglass, concealer and mineralize finish products. Although their collections come out like every few week, they do have some of the best selection on their lipsticks and eyeshadows. Every woman in sometime in their life will own a MAC product!

 Check out their website for the latest collection! This one will be out on August 25. Hope you find something you like!

DKNY Sneak Peek Fall Collection

Quilted Blazer Jacket, Satin Top, Suede Belt and jersey Riding Pants

Long-Ribbed Collar Cashmere Sweater Dress Cashmere Blend Leggings and Antique Belt

Love this Fall collection? Want to see more? Check it out @ Neiman

Transitioning Seasons

 Here's my take on jackets. They can take you from the warm weather to the cooler seasons. Check out some below and let me know what you think. Do you want something trendy or something versatile?

Crinkled Leather Jacket $109 (Newport News)

This asymmetrical button front close jacket is stylish and can take you from one season to the next.

Two-Way Stretch Girlfriend Blazer $59 (Newport News)

It is fitted, cropped and has contrast lining which fold up at the cuffs. Perfect for a lunch date or a casual outing with friends.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's Get This PARTY STARTED!!!!

I am already a nail polish junkie but these Lippman shades just makes my all time favorites list! Glitter polishes are my go to look when I can't find a shade to rock. These are now sold on the Deborah Lippman website. Happy Birthday is a crowds favorite:). The pack is $42 or $16 each shade.
From left to right:

Happy Birthday (Clear with multi glitter)
Candy Shop (Bubblegum pink with multi glitter)
Forget You (Black with multi glitter)

This pack is a great gift for a friend's birthday or a treat for yourself :)! I personally will purchase this and rock them for the upcoming holidays. Glitter nails is always a show stopper especially for those parties during the year's biggest parties (Christmas and New Year's)! Which is your favorite?