Monday, August 15, 2011

A Fashion Start

Starting out in fashion is soo exciting. The first thing you must know is.....what is your style? How do you consider yourself? Classy, sporty, casual, or girly? What ever it is, it can be defined. Style is not something you get overnight. It is a learning process, which teaches you more about yourself.  These magazines will give an insight about style in the fashion world. Lucky and People Style will give the heads up on the latest in fashion and beauty and the Do and Do NOTS.  You can pick things out for a wishlist, ideas on putting outfits together and how to find clothes for a budget friendly shopper:). Vogue is all high fashion. This magazine is a must for all fashionistas. The ads and articles are for high end designer and beauty lines but it  is worth checking out. Every girl should splurge on a must have item every now and then. This magazine never fails me! Check them out. the links below...I guarantee  it.

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