Sunday, September 18, 2011

My YouTube Channel

Yes, that's right! I know you probably thinking WHAT! Did you think I would never do such a thing? Well, I didn't at first. My decision was based on me being inspired by so many ladies I have seen. Viewing the videos seem so easy but fun all at the same time. They had giving me the courage to do it, which by the way wasn't so easy.

Publishing my video was harder than I thought. This channel is just my way of sharing more of me to those who also enjoy Fashion and Beauty.  I hope you enjoy this video. Reminder: This is my first one is still a baby. Please be gentle :-)

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.


Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

GREAT JOB ..! I am just like you. getting started and super nervous on doing videos as well I think your video was quick and love the clarity of it all...
following ya.. and will subscribe ..

check out my blog hope you follow too !
take care girl !

Fashion Barbee said...

Thanks you so much! Comments are always important! I was soo nervous! I will check out your blog. Thanks again so much for watching:-)