Saturday, August 2, 2014


Hello there! I know it is been a while!! I just have been evaluating some situations in my personal life and need some time. WELLLLL!!! I have decided to change up a few things! I want my blog to reflect not only beauty and fashion but other things. Things that inspires and changes the way we see things or people. Saying that, I will begin posting again!! YAYYYY(about time right)! We are all human and sometimes, things in your life change and you must adjust to them. I am one of those people who love change BUT I am sometimes slow to adjust(depending on what it is).
For those you are just reading this and don't know my reasoning for it is! For the SHORT and SWEET version, I moved to another state; which it the country side of town and let's just say things are quite different. Okay, I must go now. I will try to post at least(AT LEAST) twice a week. A lot of it might be pics or words or both.

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